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The latest in trolling technology from MUDDYCREEK TACKLE, an alternative to the ratcheting rod holder an adjustable tension friction based rod holder with interchangeable heads designed for all types of fishing. With the tube installed use in trolling for walleye,steel head, kings, etc. and is very effective with using Dipsey Divers.

Simply pull knob and rotate to the preferred down stop position, when a fish hits pull rod and rod holder tube up towards you and slide rod up and out of the tube eliminating pulling rod horizontally leaning out over gunnel, then push tube back down to previous position with 1 hand it will repeat to the previous position until you change the stop point.

A nice feature is when running multiple MAXIMIZERS you can tilt 1 up to clear lines while sending next one out then push back down.

For the musky fisherman who uses the down rod method, install the cradle with the reel catches set stop point and adjust friction to your liking then troll along with rod tip in water when coming into shallow or obstruction simply push rod handle down to lift  the rod tip then return when clear, also it can be used to move lure up and down to cover a wide range of the water column.

planer mast fishing boatNew to the 2017 fishing season is the Muddycreek tackle Planer fishing mast system.

  • Made in America out of the highest quality aluminum product
  • Anodized to withstand all types or weather and salt water approved.
  • The mast is available in 4, 6,or 8 foot lengths.
  • With an easily mountable base to secure the mast to your boat. It is equipped with two large electric motors, that has 80# torque power.
  • The mast is operated with a watertight electric switch boxes that can be wired to your power source (sold separately).
  • It also comes with a slotted four way cable ring for tie downs.
  • There are two heavy duty pulleys manufactured with two stainless steel bearings that will be strong enough for some of the heaviest line and biggest planer boards one the market.

planer mast fishing boat2planer mast fishing boat3

Please call for pricing and ordering ask for Ken (724)-355-8754


Vertical Tree Standered Mount

  • Manufactured and built in America
  • High quality aluminum and is anodized to withstand normal weather conditions.
  • Salt water approved. 
  • The vertical tree can be ordered in three different length 24, 30, 36 inchs tall. 
  • The main shaft is ¾ solid aluminum rod and comes with either a standard mount or a track mount that works with Muddycreek Track Systems.
  • Rail Mount rod holders sold separately.

Please call for pricing and ordering ask For Ken (724)-855- 8754


vertical tree to track 3SM

Vertical Tree To trackSM

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