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Quad Horizontal Tree Low Profile Mount Assembly

MUDDYCREEK Tubes are REMOVABLE – Unlike the other manufacturers who use thin wall material, saw cut, crimp their tubes permanently on and add a rubber cap which usually falls off. All of our tubes are heavier tubing and have a fully machined radius on the end eliminating the need for a rubber cap, also having a standard right hand thread onto the rod holder so they can easily be removed whenever necessary. MUDDYCREEK’S unique system incorporates an O-Ring into the area where the tube threads on, which compresses and absorbs vibration keeping the tube from coming loose. This system is great for storage purposes, and for rocket launchers now able to remove tubes in a few minute, giving you the clearance under the garage door.

Our High quality rod holders are manufactured in USA.

  • Made of air craft quality bright finish anodized aluminum.
  • Internal hardware is stainless steel.
  • Pivot joint has a boss which fits into a bore on the mating part so the aluminum housing takes the load.
  • Both rotational and tilt joints are spring loaded for ease of single hand operation.
  • Locks in at every 18 degrees and uses dual pin drive..
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 8 × 6 in

Clear (Default), Black (Add $7 per tube), Blue (Add $7 per tube), Gold (Add $7 per tube), Green (Add $7 per tube), Red (Add $7 per tube)